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A little about Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY

For nearly a decade now Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY has been striving to make a difference in our Glen Cove community one carpet at a time. Our strive towards excellence has resulted in a reputation for quality service supported by our returning customers.

We at Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY know that you have many other choices of carpet cleaners whose prices are competitive with ours. We believe that the difference between us and them lies in the fact that we are proud to be a small yet honest local establishment.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We think you'd be surprised at how many customers our small number of technicians serve in a week. Being local means that we do our very best to provide the most fitting working hours. We are officially open from 8am-8pm Monday through Sunday, however everyone knows that we're happy to work earlier or later as needed. Now that's true customer service!

Call us now at 516-200-4298 and schedule your appointment with one of our experts!

Got Stains? Get Solutions.

Most carpet stains become resistant to removal the more time passes. This stubbornness is due to several factors: a carpet's particular fiber, the stain in question, and the level to which the stain has reached in the carpet.

Syrup, for example, is a slow moving stain creator and one has a large time frame when attempting to treat such a stain. Cat urine, however, travels very quickly and one must begin the removal process almost immediately, otherwise the urine will travel to a carpet's padding and result in very expensive carpet treatments.

Instead of doing the math yourself, why not rely on our expert knowledge? Our technicians at Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY have years of experience dealing with various carpet fiber and stain combinations and are guaranteed to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY is your local carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning service for the greater Nassau County. We also offer many other cleaning services for your residence or commercial space. Be sure to ask for our free over the phone estimate when you call! Our customer representatives are waiting by the phone right now!

Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove NY

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