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Where to Begin a Mold Search In Your Home

There is nothing as irritating as having mold grow in your home. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also expose you and your household to diverse health conditions when you do not take care of them. Do you also know the creepiest fact about this fungi? Sometimes you don't know they're in your home until they begin to wreak havoc on your space. But not to worry, mold problems are the exact reasons you have experienced mold remediation companies like Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove around you. Whenever you suspect a mold outbreak in your living space, you can always count on us to do right by you and rid your space of those pestering intruders.

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove, we begin our mold remediation process by first inspecting your home and business area for the presence of mold. Sure enough, we do not inspect with our mere eyes - sometimes, you can only see mold with unaided eyes it has already grown and begun feasting on your property. Hence, we use sophisticated devices like infrared cameras and moisture detectors to locate mold colonies in your space. Don't you want to reach out to us already?

What Mold Is and What Brings It to Your Home

Mold is a fungus that grows in hyphae. Hyphae are multicellular structures that produce mold spores and can be found indoors and outdoors. Mold spores thrive when they find themselves in conditions with food, moisture, and low light. So, what can cause mold in your home?

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Since mold needs water to survive, excessive moisture and high-humidity conditions can foster their growth in your space. Standing water bodies or slight dampness from plumbing and roof leaks can also trigger mold growth in your home - especially if other conditions are in place.


Mold also needs food to survive. And do you know that your home is packed with just enough food to sustain them for decades? The insulation and gypsum sheetrock is an excellent place to start. Remember your wood panels and the microscopic dust particles trapped on your tile and grout; they also make for a perfect food source for mold. Do not also forget the airborne particles present in the air. They're also part of mold's diet.

A Lack of Light

Sunlight destroys the cellular structures of mold. Hence, you'll most likely find them in the parts of your home that are hidden from direct sunlight. And even though your light bulbs do not have the same effects on mold as sunlight, they still prefer to stay out of sight.

Common Places for Mold

Mold grows wherever they can find moisture and a stable source of food, but there are some parts of your home where you'll find mold 90% of the time. These areas are prone to mold because they maintain conditions in which mold thrive, and they include:

  • bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • basement
  • garage
  • attic

We'll now go on and show why you can find mold in these places and where exactly to look for them.

Where to Check for Mold In Your Bathroom

In the Shower and Bathtub

On average, your household probably uses your shower and bathtub at least twice every day. For you, that may mean you'll stay squeaky clean all day. But for mold, it's a home sweet home, especially if you do hot baths frequently. So, if you're out to catch mold red-handed in your bathroom, you may want to start looking around your shower and bathtub.

In the Sink and Toilet

Just like your shower and bathtub, your sink and toilet can also maintain the best humidity conditions for mold to grow.

In the Walls and on the Floor

Do you see the grout between the tiles on your bathroom floor and walls? They're a perfect hideout for mold. Why? They're most likely always moist, they also store a sizeable portion of dust to feed mold for a long time, and you probably never reach them until after a few weeks.

Where to Check for Mold In Your Kitchen

In, On, and Under the Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is almost always damp and packed with organic particles mold can feast on. And under your sink? Light never gets there, and it houses enough dust and food particles to keep mold going.

The Refrigerator and Pantry

Mold does not survive at extremely low temperatures, but some species can survive in your refrigerator. And yes, the water that drips from your pots and pans unto your pantry also makes this area prone to mold attack.

Microwave and Stove

Your microwave and stove may always be at high temperatures during use. But you see that period when they begin to cool off after usage; they make a perfect environment for mold to survive. Do not also forget the tiny food particles lying around them and the condensation that takes place when they cool.

Other Places In the Kitchen

The grout between the tiles on your kitchen walls and floor and your food storage containers can also serve as habitats for mold.

Where to Check for Mold In Your Attic, Basement, and Garage

In the Attic

Your attic is one place you should regularly inspect for mold - with professional help, of course. Damaged roof shingles, faulty pipes, poorly installed vents, and insulation, and improperly fixed ridge capping and flashings are all reasons mold can find your attic conducive to growth.

In the Basement

Your basement floor is usually cooler than the air around it. This low temperature can cause regular condensation, leaving your basement moist and conducive to mold growth. Remember that it is primarily dark and can quickly build up dust.

In the Garage

Your garage probably doesn't have any windows. Also, think of all the stuff you store there that could constitute a food source for mold. And the warm temperatures introduced by your recently parked car can set the temperature right for mold growth.

What Should You Do When You Find Mold In Your Place?

So, have you finally figured out that you've been sharing your living space with mold? Do not sit back and watch it continue to damage your space and your health. Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove at 516-200-4298. Mold does not deserve another second in your space! We'll help you get rid of it and remediate as many items and areas as possible.


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