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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Glen Cove

All homeowners with carpets know that a carpet needs regular maintenance. That is why you must know whom to call for carpet cleaning services. After all, it takes an expert to understand your various carpet concerns. With that said, we at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove are more than a carpet cleaning service provider; we also make your home safer and healthier. Our 10+ years in the industry have earned us an excellent reputation and the expertise needed to handle your carpet cleaning needs. So, if you're ready to contact us, you can reach us at 516-200-4298.

How Is Carpet Cleaning Performed?

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove, we provide you an easy and hassle-free service without interfering with your busy schedule. Here are the quick steps to get us moving.

  • Call us, and we'll give you a free estimate.
  • Our tech team will arrive at your preferred date and time or ASAP. They will then inspect your carpet for pet stains and odor, water damage, and other issues.
  • They will then determine the best cleaning process appropriate for your carpet.
  • After this, we will start the cleaning process.
  • After the cleaning process, we will ask you to inspect our work.

Aside from carpet cleaning, we also offer other optional services, such as spot or stain removal, sanitizing, and carpet protection.

Deep Carpet Cleaning
Deep Carpet Cleaning
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What Are the Benefits of Carpet Cleaning?

Although carpets add elegance and comfort to your home, they have their downsides too. For example, carpets are the number one dust collector. In addition, germs and mold are often caught in the carpet, dirt and stains are easily stuck on it, and pet hairs and other fibers get tangled in the surface. However, the good thing is that you don't have to worry about these things if you have a regular carpet cleaner. With that said, having professional deep carpet cleaning services gives you excellent benefits, such as:

  • It spares you from allergies caused by dust and other dust-related skin diseases.
  • Your home looks and feels cleaner and healthier.
  • You and your family can enjoy cleaner indoor air.
  • Clean carpets means you have peace of mind knowing that kids can lie down or roll over on the carpet anytime.
  • Carpet cleaning spares you from embarrassment in case there are surprise guests and visitors
  • You don't have to clean your carpet yourself.
  • You can save your money because you don't need to buy expensive cleaning equipment and solutions.

For homes with small children and babies, carpets are a must. However, having children spilling everything on the carpet can be a bit stressful to manage. Still, you don't deserve to get stressed over dirty carpets. So with that said, leave the cleaning to professionals like us. Our team is composed of top-notch carpet cleaners in Glen Cove. With our help, you can take care of your family while we take care of your dirty carpets.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove takes meticulous care of your carpet, whether it's old or new. We also use the most effective but safest cleaning solution to protect your health. In addition, our techs are sensitive to your budget constraints. Because of this, we offer you free quotes and complete transparency in the pricing. Most of all, we value your precious time, which is why scheduling your appointment is quick and easy. So, get a cost estimate now by calling our number at 516-200-4298.


Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Which Method of Carpet Cleaning Is the Best?

There are many cleaning methods. However, the best method to employ in cleaning your carpets is the steam cleaning and hot water extraction method. The steam method does not only remove dirt from carpets but also removes bacteria. This method is carried out using hot water. The hot water is applied using a pressure wand to the carpet fibers. The hot water applied at a very high pressure dissolves thick dirt, dust, mud, and debris from carpets. After dissolving, the dirt is then extracted. Another advantage of using steam is that it fluffs up carpet fibers that were matted due to dirt. It gives the carpet a fresher and softer look.

Why Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Dirty carpets can obstruct airflow in the home. Carpet cleaning eliminates dirt, bacteria, dust, and other allergens on carpets, reducing the presence of these impurities in the air. These impurities could lead to health problems like a cold. Cleaning your carpets increases their lifespan significantly. It will save you the cost of spending on new carpeting. Having your carpets cleaned completely removes dirt and bacteria from them. You may consider vacuuming your carpet by yourself and not willing to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. However, vacuum-cleaning removes only surface dirt. Therefore it is always better to call an expert to handle your carpet cleaning.

Will Professional Cleaning Change the Appearance or Texture of the Carpet?

Not really! There are a lot of things that contribute to appearance or texture changes in carpets. For example, the accumulation of soil gradually changes the original color of carpets without your noticing. When a professional cleaner comes around for a service, the removal of the soil sometimes makes the carpet look as if the color changed.

On most occasions, the age of the carpet is usually the cause of the change in carpet appearance. You can compare the carpet area covered by the furniture to areas where there is huge foot traffic to confirm. Since all areas are exposed when professional cleaners come around, it seems as if their cleaning activities caused the change in the appearance or texture of the carpet. However, that is not the case.

How Is Carpet Cleaning Price Determined?

We at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Glen Cove offer transparent pricing without any hidden costs. Our price depends on several factors, such as:

  • Size or Carpet Area - the cost increases as the carpet size increases. Tell us the dimensions of the area to be cleaned, and we will give you the price.
  • Stains - some stains are hard to remove, so we might be needing additional solutions or equipment that may incur additional costs.
  • Cleaning Method - we offer different cleaning methods, and the price for each method varies.
  • Additional Services - if your request additional services, there may be charges associated with them. Your technician will be happy to explain it to you.
  • Location - if you live in an apartment building or condominium, we may have to lift our equipment to your floor. In this case, we charge a minimal fee.

With that said, find out how much it would take you to treat your carpet. Call us now at 516-200-4298 for a free estimate.

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